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Announcing BrainBreak

Abstract: A classic tile game for the c64 with hires multicolour graphics.

Topics: games, c64, applications/BrainBreak

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BrainBreak is a c64 tile game with hires multicolour graphics. Yes, hires multicolour realised using a sprite overlay, allowing for two colours plus black in each character.

The game consists of 100 levels, different animated special characters and stuff like this. The task is to rebuild the pattern of “stones” given on the right of the screen within any place on the game field located to the left.

While playing the game, you will be confronted with gates, teleporters, temporary and permanent glue fields, morphers that change the stones, etc.

The game is already developed and runnable, yet not released. Some few things have to be tackled:

Some further impressions from the menu:


We'd like to release the game on the 20th of December 2020. Currently, we assume kickstarter to be the right place. If you know better, let us know.

In the next time, we will support some further information about this game on this page as well as on other channels. Join us by contacting us!


You may contact us if you are interested in the game. Let us know.

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