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c64 Releases

Abstract: c64 demos, tools, and games I wrote or contributed to.

Topics: c64, demos, tools, games, downloads

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For me, the C64 was always a machine to code on and the reason for studying computer science. After playing with the +4 a bit, I got a C128 and having it — and the ability to program — André (mat) and me started to code demos. Benjamin (“pumpkin”) joined us some day. Within the years I was working with the c64, I wrote several demos for the groups “New Order”, “The Tancard Crew”, and some for “Steve&Star”. Because I have not swapped, I always was dependent on the group I was working for in order to get my work brought into the world. This changed after joining with Steve&Star to “Lower Level”. This was finally real fun…

Update 25.11.2016: Recently Bugjam/The Dreams sent me some of my demos I've missed so much. I included them now (“Holy Shit” and “Fantasy”). Thanks a lot, Hartmut!!!

Update 02.03.2017: After 25 years, I hired to a new crew — Mayday! — and contributed to another c64 demo. You may find it listed below. Additionally, some further demos I contributed to — “AT Last / BSM”, “Open Sesame / BSM”, and “Fast One / TTC”, the latter written by Mat.


“BrainBreak”, c64 (12.06.2022)

BrainBreak is a c64 tile game with hires multicolour graphics. Yes, hires multicolour realised using sprite overlay, allowing for two colours plus black in each 8x8 pixels tile. That's not a usually available, plain c64 colour mode and I would not know any other game that uses this resolution. It's a nerd hack.

The game consists of 100 levels, different animated special characters, and stuff like this. The task is to rebuild the pattern of "gems" given on the right of the screen within any place on the game field located to the left.

The image below shows all the levels released in demos so far.

Download “BrainBreak (c64)” from itchio.

“Master of Tiles”, c64 (15.03.22)

Our friend pumpkin has left a yet unreleased game named "Master of Tiles" (MoT).

Master of tiles is a puzzle game.

Download “Master of Tiles (c64)” from itchio.

“ATA”, c64 (15.02.92)

I once wrote a Tetris clone for the C64, “ATA” (All Tetris Arcades).

No, it does not go beyond the original Tetris gameplay. This was planned for a second version.

I found three versions of ATA on the internet, and, what is interesting about them is that they demonstrate how the scene was lurking in early 90ies… The original version contains an intro made by ourselves. The simple reason is that we had more intros than other things to publish, so it was an opportunity to include an intro as work-in-work. What is really strange are the both other “releases”, because they talk about a crack. The software never had something to protect the copyright, so “cracking” was not necessary, in fact. Still one of the releases even has two (!) intros.

Below, you may find the original distribution.

Download “ATA (c64)”

You can find ATA in the web as well:


Please find below some demos I contributed to.

“Trafolta” / Mayday! (2017)

Nice demo! Honestly! Great stuff!

After joining “Mayday!” in 2016, this is my first c64 contribution since 25 years! I wrote the credits part…

Download “Trafolta / Mayday!”

“Higher Level” / Lower Level (1992)

The last demo produced by Lower Level so far. Nice thing!

Download “Higher Level / Lower Level”

“Loser” / Lower Level

Not really done by me, but pumpkin, I made only the intro.

Download “Loser V1.3 / Lower Level”

“Technodrome” / Lower Level

And a further demo from Lower Level, written by pumpkin; a demo for advertising the c128-BBS he wrote and ran.

Download “Technodrome / Lower Level”

“No Wonder” / Lower Level (30.1.91)

Download “No Wonder / Lower Level”

“Made In Berlin” / Brainstorm (1990)

I forgot this demo completely, but found it on the internet. The only thing I contributed is the character set in the last part.

Download “Made In Berlin / Brainstorm”

“At Last” / Brainstorm (1989)

The loader seems to be buggy; in case you want to watch the complete demo, you have to load each file individually.

Download “Open Sesame / Brainstorm”

“Open Sesame” / Brainstorm (1989)

The loader seems to be buggy; in case you want to watch the complete demo, you have to load each file individually.

Download “Open Sesame / Brainstorm”

“Fantasy” / Dust (1989)

Download “Fantasy / Dust”

“Holy Shit!” / Dust (1989)

I think it's done completely by me…

Download “Holy Shit / Dust”

“Fast One” / The Tancard Crew (1989)

Written by mat, I just made some graphics…

Download “Fast One” / The Tancard Crew

“X-Ter-C” / Druids of Stonehenge (1989)

Download “X-Ter-C / Druids of Stonehenge”

“Attention” / New Order (1988)

Download “Attention / New Order”

“Without a Name” / New Order (1986?)

Download “Without a Name / New Order”


New Abraham (“Abraham 2.1”)

I also wrote some graphic tools for the c64. Actually, this was the first money I made by programming… The three tools below were meant to form a complete suite of tools, that's why they are all named the same. Still, they do different things, of course… I think the most fascinating thing is the graphics importer which can read Atari ST images and convert them into hires or multicolour images, and even FLI-images which is a “format” used by the demo-scene, only possible by switching the colour source at each scan line…

You may download all three here: abraham.d64.

If you think you need the sources, contact me. But please enclose some information about yourself and about what you want to do with it…

“Abraham Charset Packer”

There is also an old version of the charset packer on the net. Below the screenshots.

“Movie Scroller”

On the net, I also found my “movie scroller” — an application that could be used for generating scores for home-made movies (some 10 years ago).

“‘Steve’ Message Writer v2.0”

And finally, the obligatory message writer. I wrote this for Steve from Steve&Star — later members of Lower Level.

Download “Steve Message Writer v2.0”

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