Command Line

Running on the Command Line

bib2x is implemented in Python. It is started on the command line.

bib2x reads the BibTeX file defined using the --input <BIBTEX_FILE> option. It converts it to the format defined using the option --format <FORMAT> and saves it under the name defined using the option --output <FILE>. Currently, only "json" is available as destination format.


bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.json -f json

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into the JSON-file "turing.json" with the BibTeX entries.

bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.html -f html

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into a file named "turing.html" that contains a HTML list with the BibTeX entries.

Command line arguments

The script can be started on the command line with the following options:

  • --input <BIBTEX_FILE> / -i <BIBTEX_FILE>: The BibTeX file to load
  • --output <FILE> / -o <FILE>: The file to write
  • --format <FORMAT> / -f <FORMAT>: The type of file to write ['json']
  • --help: Show a help message
  • --version: Show the version information