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bib2x is a tool for parsing and processing BibTeX files.

bib2x is currently under development. The latest version is 0.4.0.

The current use cases are:

  • Convert BibTeX-files to JSON;
  • Convert BibTeX-files to a HTML list.


bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.json -f json

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into the JSON-file "turing.json" with the BibTeX entries.

bib2x -i turing.bib -o turing.html -f html

Converts the BibTeX-file "turing.bib" into a file named "turing.html" that contains a HTML list with the BibTeX entries.


Being a somehow busy scientific coworker and a software guy, I wanted to render my publications for my web site.

For this purpose, I wrote BibPres, a commercial tool that uses JSON to store a publications list and JavaScript to render and interact with it.

bib2x is a rework of BibPres released as open source. Currently, only the parser is being ported as I want to change it so that it renders plain HTML, not a JSON file.

If you have any comments, ideas, or critics, please let me know.


bib2x is licensed under the BSD license.