ChangeLog for degrotesque

degrotesque-3.0.0 (26.03.2023)

  • Adding support for degrotesquing markdown files (contents of code and quotes are kept)
  • Added support for processing plain text files; The distinction whether a file is a plain text file or a HTML/XML derivative is done using the extension (see Appendix B for used extensions) and by evaluating the contents; Everything is replaced in text files. When processing a file as a XML/HTML derivative, elements are skipped. Introducing the options --text / -T, --markdown / -M, and --html / -H to explicitly set the file type.
  • Supporting different target encodings for the replacements using the --format / -f <FORMAT> option (the option --unicode / -u was removed):
    • unicode’: uses numeric entities (e.g. ‘&#8211;’ for an ‘—’);
    • html’: uses numeric entities (e.g. ‘&mdash;’ for an ‘—’);
    • text’: uses plain (utf-8) characters (e.g. ‘—’ for an ‘—’).
  • 100 % test coverage :-)
  • renamed master branch to main

degrotesque-2.0.6 (05.02.2023)

  • Patched documentation (return types)
  • Set proper formatting for readthedocs
  • It's not 2.0.4 due to caching by readthedocs

degrotesque-2.0.2 (04.02.2023)

  • Corrected installation and execution as a console script

degrotesque-2.0 (05.01.2023)

  • Changed the license to BSD.
  • Using github actions for testing on push instead of using Travis CI
  • Cleaned up project tree
  • Adding an mkdocs documentation

degrotesque-1.6 (16.07.2022)

  • reworked tests, now using pytest and unittest
  • issue #10: will not use TextTest here; using pytest instead
  • issue #11: using instead of coveralls
  • added the -u/--unicode option which forces to use unicode codes instead of HTML entities

degrotesque-1.4 (19.07.2021)

  • debugged the parser — could not parse code-in-code tags (weird it's even allowed, xsltproc generates this)
  • added a HowToRelease file

degrotesque-1.2 (30.05.2020)

  • issue #8: added a ChangeLog file
  • issue #6: using a lower-case version of HTML when skipping elements
  • issue #9: change LICENCE to LGPL
  • issue #7: add an API description
  • Added a masking function for not replacing minusses in ISBN and ISSN

degrotesque-1.0 (13.05.2020)

First complete release