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  • We have chosen some links to external pages as we think they contain useful information. But it may happen that some ninjas come and change the contents of the pages we link to or a proton hits the RAM of an NSA server and the link goes into a new direction or someone thinks you should not read what we liked once and then… What? That's why we want to state that we are not responsible for the contents of the pages we link to. And, just to say it: mostly, the pages we link to were made by people better than us. We often WOULD NOT BE ABLE to be responsible for what's stated there.
  • The software is provided “AS IS”. If you do not like it, do not complain. You may contact us anyway, we would be very, very happy about that.
  • The software did not hurt us, yet, and even worked as expected and there are even tests that prove it. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee it will work as you expect.


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