ChangeLog for c64tools

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c64tools-0.18.0 (26.03.2023)

  • Working on the documentation

c64tools-0.16.0 (05.02.2023)

  • Patched documentation (return types)
  • Set proper formatting for readthedocs

c64tools-0.14.0 (04.02.2023)

  • installing non-library scripts as console applications
  • improving setup.py

c64tools-0.12.0 (02.02.2023)

  • patching / extending documentation

c64tools-0.10.0 (28.01.2023)

  • using mkdocs for documentation
  • added requirements.txt
  • moved to BSD license
  • improved inline documentation
  • removed Travis CI support — tests will be triggered by github actions

c64tools-0.8 (16.05.2020)

  • Adding PyPI and Travis CI support

c64PythonHelper-0.2 (19.04.2020)

Some updates done when working on an article about c64 fonts. They mainly include extended possibilities to set colors and multicolor support for char-related methods.