Download and Installation

c64tools is a set of Python modules and scripts. To run them, you must have Python installed. If you have not installed Python, yet, please read instructions on installing Python first.

Installing Python

Python is an interpreted programming language. For running c64tools and other scripts written in Python you have to install Python itself, first.

For installing Python, use an installer for your system from https://www.python.org.

You should as well install pip, a package manager for python. After installing Python, you should be able to install pip using:

python get-pip.py

You may upgrade pip using:

pip install --upgrade pip

Installing c64tools

The current version is c64tools-0.18.0.

You may install c64tools using

python -m pip install c64tools

You may download a copy or fork the code at c64tools's github page.

Besides, you may download the current release here: